Best Android Emulator for PC РFree Download : Android is the best Smartphone platform at the present moment. Android has its different OS versions for different devices. People like its simplicity over the UI and its open source services. This is the reason why Android has become the best Smartphone Platform in such a small time period. Additionally, almost all the major smartphone manufacturers now offer numerous Android devices with hundreds of different features and many more things, all for free. If you are good at its details, you must be aware about Google Play Store. The place where you can have any kinds of apps and games. Apart from all this, now you can have all of your favorite apps and games for your PCs too. Here we have enlisted the best Android Emulator for PC from where you can download any of them for free. Get the details now!

Best Android Emulators

Android offers variety of smartphones starting from the lower range to the extreme high range smartphones. People who wish to own a smartphone can have hundreds of different choices to choose from. You can easily get the best featured smartphone with an affordable price tag and this is the reason why Android is getting more stronger day by day. To run Android apps on Windows PCs and Mac Systems there is a tool called Android Emulator.

Such tools allow you to let download and install any of your favorite apps and games for free for your PCs so that you can use those apps instantly from within your PC. Isn’t it interesting? If you don’t have any Android device still you can get the most out of an Android smartphone from such Android Emulator. In the following list we have tried our best to enlist some of the best Android Emulator for the present tech period with a direct download link. Make up your choice and get the best one right away from us!

Best Android Emulator for PC – Free Download

1. Bluestacks

This is the best Android Emulator for the current tech period. It offers the simplest user interface for every people who wants to have their favorite apps and games for PCs. It works like a charm for Windows PCs and Mac Systems. One more interesting this about this Emulator is, it is available for free and you don’t have to pay even a single penny for it. Just click on to the below given link, choose your current operating system of your PC and hit the download button. Download process takes several minutes and by then you can make use of this Emulator more fluently.

2. Jar of Beans

Many of the best Android Emulators don’t allow you to download and install Android Jelly Bean’s apps and games. For that, here comes Jar of Beans. This Emulator lets you allow to download and install all kinds of Android apps and games even if they are just launched. You can have all the latest Apps and games for your PC from this Emulator and fortunately it gets installed in a few seconds. You don’t have to wait for so long. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it now!

3. YouWave

YouWave is an another Android Emulator for Windows PC. It stands out as one of the best Android Emulators for Windows because of its simplicity over the Work. It gets you all the best apps and games fully categorized. You don’t have to search for any apps and games, just scroll up or down, select the area of your game which is category and hit the download button. It’s simple and you are surely going to have a good time along with this Emulator.

4. Android SDK Emulator

This Emulator is for advanced Android users. As it says SDK, this Emulator is specially designed for Android developers. Developers cane easily test their recently developed apps and games from this Emulator instantly. It will show you the list of new apps, the apps which are being developed, upcoming apps and a lot of things inside. It serves something advanced and you should not deny to look forward to this Emulator. It’s for Mac Machines.

5. Google Android Emulator

Google’s Android Emulator is for Linux users. Linux users too can get their best Android apps and games more instantly with this Google Android Emulator. Gone are the days when you can’t have any options to use your favorite apps which are concerned with some other platform. Now, you can get the best Apps and games right from this Emulator. Just hit on to the search box, type your apps or games and get it directly from there. It’s super easy and gives you the best access to use all of your installed games and apps fast. To download this Emulator for your current Linux system, click on to the below link and get it down!

So folks, these were all the best Android Emulator for the current tech period. You can get any of them just by clicking on to the download link below each Emulators. Just make sure to choose you current operating system on your PC and then go further.

What’s your thought on this? Have you ever used any Android Emulators before? Share your experience with us. If you know any other Android Emulator apart from this list, you can share its name with us so that we can add that too in the above list.