Download Subway Surfers for PC: Subway Surfers is an “endless running” mobile game. Launched in 2012, “World Tour” is the theme of the game, wherein capital/most popular cities in each country like New York, City, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney,Rome, Tokyo, Miami, Paris and Beijing have been featured till now. It is indeed a very fun game and gained popularity in no time upon its release. Surely one of the more fun apps on Android. The controls are a bit like temple run but the game itself is different and feels very fresh and fun unlike some rehashed games that take their cue from previously released hits and perform poorly. Subway surfers plays very well and is fun to keep running and collecting points all the while dodging the pesky inspector and his dog. You jump trains, collect points/coins, get cool gear to access new ways to traverse the subway terrain (like on skateboards etc) and score higher the more you run in popular world destinations such as Sydney, New York and Rio De Janeiro.

Well as fun as it is, it’s only available for mobiles and you need to have an Android device or a smartphone with you for playing the game..until now. Here I show you how to download Subway Surfers for PC and install it on your computer after that, so you can play it right on your computer. We can do this through the use of the BlueStacks App player Android emulator for PC.


Subway Surfers


Subway Surfers for PC


BlueStacks App player is an android emulator that lets you download, install and play Android apps on your PC. We recommend BlueStacks over other options available in the market right now for Android emulation for the simple reason that it does the job better than the others. So all those free apps available on the Android market can be yours to play on your computer for free without needing to have a smartphone or an Android capable device. You can download games, messengers, news app and a lot more using this emulator. Recommended.

You can see the guide for Downloading and Installing the BlueStacks App Player here.

Once you download and finish setting up the BlueStacks emulator on your PC you can follow any of the two methods provided below to get Subway Surfers for PC and start playing this awesome running game on your computer. (Note that both the methods require BlueStacks installed and setup before proceeding).

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Download Subway Surfers for PC – First Method


This method involves downloading and installing Subway Surfers on PC  using the built in search function of the BlueStacks App Player. This is the natural way to install any app as BlueStacks would expect you to. However we have provided an additional method below for convenience.

1. Download and Install BlueStacks App Player following the guide in the above link.

2. Once installed, click the ‘Start BlueStacks’ icon on you desktop to open the app player.

3. After BlueStacks launches, click the magnifier icon to search for the game by typing “Subway Surfers


4. A list of results pop up. Usually the game we want is the first result itself.


5. Click the Install button next to the game result on the results page

6. Now it will start searching for the game across various stores such as 1Mobile, Amazon, Google Playstore etc.


7. Choose a store after it gives you the list of stores on which Subway Surfers  is available.


8. Here as you can see we selected the 1Mobile store as it gives direct download without taking us to the actual online store to initiate the download like the Google Playstore option.


9. You can watch the download progress in the “My Apps” section of the BlueStacks App Player.

10. Once the download and installation are completed BlueStacks will notify you. So relax.

11. When BlueStacks pops up a message saying the game has finished installing, go to the app player to view the same in the My Apps section.


12. Launch Subway Surfers by clicking the app icon. Play.


Done. Dodge the trains and the inspector and get a high score to brag.


Download Subway Surfers for PC – Second Method


In this method we use the BlueStacks App Player too. However instead of searching for the game in the BlueStacks search we download the .apk file of Subway Surfers directly from the internet and install it using the BlueStacks App Player. Usually one has to search for an Android game or an app to get its APK file onlinebut we have provided you the direct download link of Subway Surfers below for your convenience .

1. Download and install BlueStacks App Player as detailed in the guide linked above at the top of the post.

2. Download the APK file for Subway Surfers through the direct download link provided below. Remember the location where you save the downloaded .apk file.

3.Now go to the downloaded .apk file and right click -> Open with -> Browse.

4. Now browse to the folder where your BlueStacks App Player is installed and select BlueStacks APK Handler as the program to open the .apk file of the downloaded Subway Surfers app. (usually this location is C:\Program Files   and  C:\Program Files (x86)  for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems respectively)

5. The BlueStacks App Player will now handle the installation and would notify you once Subway Surfers is installed on your PC.

6. Go to My Apps in BlueStacks and click the game icon to start playing.


Have fun and just don’t get caught by the inspector.

Download this game for your computer from this link – Download Subway Surfers for PC (Subway Surfers APK File)

The above method comes in handy when BlueStacks Search function doesn’t respond properly or if it doesn’t fetch the desired results, which it is prone to do from time to time. You can expect a few bugs and glitches here and there in BlueStacks as it is in its Beta stage but despite all that, it does well for the most part and comes out on top compared to all the other Android emulators out there which aren’t many to be honest.

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Have fun playing Subway Surfers on PC.

Comment below if this article was helpful or if you have discovered any cool new Android apps/games to share with other readers.