One of the smartest methods of saving money is through the use of coupons. But other times it can be quite hard to locate them, you will have to look through newspapers and find them. The best thing is that there are multiple coupon apps for mobile that you can use while shopping. All you need is to download the apps they use them every time you visit the grocery store or go shopping.

Target App

Target app is one of the best coupon apps. It has all the things that you might need at your fingertips. It also has cartwheel coupons. Cartwheel coupons are coupons which you can redeem on target app to save on a variety of products. Just scan the barcode on the products in your cart, and if there’s a discount, you will get notified. During checkout you present the barcode to the cashier, they scan it, and you save your money instantly.

Coupon Sherpa

Coupon Sherpa is another fantastic coupon app. Other than grocery store coupons, Coupon Sherpa assists you in finding mobile coupons so that you can save in restaurants on in retailer shops. They have a GPS enabled feature that helps you to know if you are near a location where’s there’s an available coupon in their app.

 You can find the restaurant and store coupons by choosing the in-store function right at the bottom of the app. You can also check out the homepage if you want to find numerous online coupon codes and offers.


Shopkick coupon app is a bit different from the other apps. Instead of getting the coupons right on your phone, you get them by visiting specific retailers even without buying anything. When you get near particular retailers, you will get a notification on your phone.

You will get points after you have completed all the activities that they requested you to do. The points are called kicks, but formerly they were known as kickbacks. The bucks can be earned by walking in the store and scanning some of the items that you find on the shelves. However, if you buy something you can provide the receipt to shopkick, and earn extra points.


You can download the above apps direct to your phone and start saving. Use the apps when you go to the grocery store or when online shopping. You will also get extra points that will save you money.