Online shopping means no wading through crowds of fellow shoppers, waiting in long lines to make a purchase or having to sort through piles of clothing to find the right size. Plus, you easily avoid different tricks stores use to convince you to spend more than you originally planned.

However, online retailers have their own tricks which they can easily use to woo you. So, next time you are surfing the web for crazy deals, try some of these hacks and take advantage of the real opportunities they present.

Abandon your online shopping cart

Buy different items in a two ‘stage process.’ First, visit a retailer’s website, pick what you like and put it in your cart. Then, close the browser window and wait for 24 to around 48 hours.

By leaving an item in your virtual cart, you will show the store you are contemplating a purchase, and this will encourage it to entice you with a deal. Thus, carrying out the two-stage process, you will easily attract a coupon of some kind or a promo to appear in your inbox to tip the purchase.

Take advantage of Twitter

Many stores normally love surprising their clients with unannounced online sales. This being case, always have in place a separate twitter handle which will be specifically used for following savvy bloggers and deal hounds. In a good day, the tweet will easily turn you on to a sale you otherwise would have never known about. Of course, you can as well use your regular twitter handle as long as you do not mind receiving hundreds of shopping deal feeds each day.

Use online deals as leverage

Lest assume you are browsing through Alibaba, and you identify a watch that you love, but it’s not on sale. To easily secure a discount on the item, use your smartphone to reach out to the manufacturing store and ask for a deal directly from the store manager. By using the information you already have, you can easily persuade the manager to give you an instant discount.

Avoid free shipping

According to analysts, free shipping does not in any way translate to a sale on a specific product. Thus, rather than rushing for the free shipping offer being promoted by your online retailer, spend some time comparing the total costs of the identified item in different e-commerce websites and identify the best option before you checkout.